After committing his third offence in the drunken driving case federal judge has sent Paul P Duggal behind bars. Judge John Agostini has issued this sentence to be served in one stint in the Berkshire County House of Correction. The accused had pleaded guilty in his third repeat offence of drunken driving and dangerous driving. Additionally, Paul has to undergo a probation of one year during which he can neither drive nor drink.

According to the NAPD police files Dugal was arrested back in April 2014 in case of a single case accident. He went crashing into a ditch in an inebriated state. The local witness confirmed that he was driving crazy all over the road before he broke off route 2, hit the guard rail and landed in a ditch.

Our humble suggestion to Massachusetts residents, please avoid driving when you are high on alcohol. If you drunk, ask someone to hail a cab for you or just keep the phone number of a local taxi driver handy who can drive you home in case of emergencies. Endangering your own life and that of others by drinking and driving is a crime and should be dealt with heavily.