Provincetown, also known as the P-town, is a picturesque shoreline in the northernmost area of Cape Cod. This town is famous for its immaculate shorelines, clamouring craftsmanship scene. A little more than a 2-hour drive from Boston, this town is crammed with eateries, shops, exhibitions, and nightlife.

Nor’East Beer Garden- Order drinks

You can drink beer or cocktails among art and greenery. This place offers a wide range of craft beer (American). The bitters and syrups on the wide-ranging cocktail menu are made in-house, so are the tortillas and pasta.

The Red Shack- Eat lobster rolls

Try different lobster rolls at this Shack, where customers can order lobster with a variety of options.

Joe’s Coffee and Cafe- Sip coffee while enjoying a magnificent view

Order your favourite coffee and sit on its terrace while enjoying the great view of the ocean and the Lighthouse.

Aqua Bar- Make a cocktail

You can make your own cocktail and enjoy sipping it while sitting in front of a big waterfront deck with a view of the shoreline and harbour.  TripAdvisor awarded this well-known eatery a Certificate of Excellence.

Herring Cove Beach -Attend sunset concerts

On summer evenings, Herring Cove Beach organizes a free concert, plus you can enjoy live music at nightfall.

Lighthouse Free Tour

Visit the historic Race Point Lighthouse from June to October on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.

Rent a bike- Explore the town

You could rent out a bike for $18 per day at Ptown Bikes. Explore the town on your own without distressing about finding a car park.

Boatslip Beach Club – Attend dance party

Known as the largest open-air dance celebration in P-town, the Club’s Tea Dance occurs every day from 4-7 pm.

Friday Night Gallery Stroll- Gaze at art

Each summer Friday night, art exhibitions extending from the east to west part of town can be seen while strolling through the town.

Bubalus by the Bay- Enjoy live music

Find a comfortable place on the open-air patio or take a seat at the bar. Wherever you take a seat, you’ll hear live music many times a week. The music starts at around 10 pm and the bar remains open until 2 in the morning.