A massive snowstorm hit Massachusetts on Tuesday, causing major crashes across the state, and road conditions are expected to get worse by the evening. In Bourne, according to police, two teenagers met an accident when their truck slid off the road and rammed into a tree. In Denver, a school bus with children in it crashed due to the poor condition of the road.


Logan airport saw hour-long delays for flights.

As of noon, most of the state is capped with about half a foot of snow with no signs of cessation. According to the weather forecast, the condition is only going to get worse during the afternoon commute, resulting in the accumulation of about 10 inches of snow in some parts. There are also chances of freezing rain around 7 p.m.

The attempt to clear the snow off the roads was extensive and laboring. As per the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, there were 1686 snow clearing crews spread throughout the state. 

Pavements wet to snow-covered,” MassDOT tweeted. “Minimize travel tonight when possible.”

In Wessely, an SUV spun out of its route and slammed into a guardrail at I-95 because of icy roads. Worcester saw a driver spinning out on Interstate I90.

In Swansea, the traffic came to a stop after a tractor-trailer rolled over and blocked the lane for about four hours. 

Roads are slick,” Massachusetts State Police tweeted. “Please take it slow.”

Schools all over Massachusetts were closed on Tuesday. According to police, nearby Rhode Island saw at least seven crashes Tuesday morning.

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