Boston— Two air planes approaching the Boston Logan Airport were aimed at by laser light on Wednesday night according to reports from officials. The FAA has taken up the investigation of the incidence after two flight crews of the said air crafts reported being illuminated lasers on Wednesday night while flying over Boston City preparing to land at the Logan Airport.

Reports indicate that the first jet which was Air Canada flight 368 reported being illuminated by a laser at 9,000 feet, a distance which is about two miles from the Boston Logan Airport at 2239 hours.

The second flight which also made similar reports of laser lights being aimed at it was JetBlue flight 418. This second flight reported lasers being aimed at it at around 2328 hours at the same altitude and distance from the Boston Logan Airport.

This is not the first time lasers have been aimed at air crafts back in May a medical helicopter was also aimed at with laser lights while flying to a hospital in Boston. At that time in May when lasers was aimed at the pilots, they told WBZ-TV that lasers aimed at them was capable of blinding them for a while.