The Coronavirus pandemic has brought to us a never before seen situation. Most of the working people are forced to work from the confinement of their homes until the spread of the virus is restricted. However, for many of us, working from home is not an ideal solution to the problem, and commuting to our workspace is an essential part of the job. 

Many corporate workers are putting their lives on the line to get to work every day, regardless of the pandemic. If you run a company which requires the employees to show up at work daily, you must sort out your workers’ transportation solution. 

One of the precautionary measures that ensure the safety of employees while traveling is corporate carpooling. Some of the benefits of corporate carpooling are listed below.

Why do you need to take care of your employees’ transport?

These are challenging times we are living in, one that could only be overcome by coming together. That applies to companies and their employees too. If an employee is willing to risk their health for working for a company, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure they remain safe and healthy. Companies need to take care of employees’ transport because:

  • Public transportation is deemed unsafe
  • Maintain health while traveling is a challenge
  • Employees and their family members are concerned about their safety

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Corporate Carpooling: How to get around starting one for your company

Going in with the decision could be challenging, especially if you are arranging a corporate carpooling system for the first time. Now that the Coronavirus pandemic is at large, it could pose an even bigger problem. Therefore, you need to find a service that undertakes corporate social responsibility and work with them to provide safe transportation options for your employees.

The fleet that suits your employees’ requirements

When considering employees’ transportation, you must keep in mind their occupancy rate and choose a fleet accordingly. The transportation industry is already struggling with setbacks due to the pandemic, which could be another challenge in arranging vehicles as per requirements. Even if you happen to get one that suits your requirements, watch out for their price as it could put you out of your budget.

Find a service that offers a fleet for every requirement and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Available Drivers

Many primary taxi services such as Uber and Lyft are facing a scarcity of drivers, as most people are trying to remain safe in their homes. This has caused a certain disturbance in the logan airport taxi industry. While arranging for corporate carpooling, make sure you have a team of healthy drivers ready to take on the job.

Tech-enabled carpooling

Technology-enabled car service transportation is a must nowadays. Your corporate carpooling should integrate an app that offers smart navigation, tech support, among other features. With the app, you can also get insight into your employees’ travel behavior.

An abundant supply of masks and hand sanitizers

Safety should always be your priority. Have an abundant supply of masks, hand sanitizers, and other medical accessories for your drivers and employees. You would also be required to clean and sanitize the vehicles thoroughly every day to make sure there is no chance of a spread. 

Act before the situation worsens

If you are lucky enough to keep your office open during this pandemic, don’t take it for granted. Provide your employees with complete health protection. Do not wait for the condition to get worse. Act ahead of time to save yourself, your employees, and your business from Coronavirus.