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Privacy policy

Dear customer we would be glad if you could spare a minute or two to go through our privacy policy and terms of use. We assure that we do take great care of our customer’s privacy because your privacy is one of our major concerns and responsibility to safeguard. You can be sure that any of your personal identity and identity information is kept safely by us and we don’t share them with third parties.

Tracking traffic on our sites

When tracking the web traffic on our sites we use third party software from Google which is fairly open standard. When tracking the web traffic on our sites the only things we track of our users are their geo location and other site usage but their identities remain anonymous all the time. We use this data only for our internal reporting purposes.

Use of cookies and IP logging

Our blog that runs Wordpress features certain plugins that might use cookies or log your IP for safety and anti fraud techniques. Here we also guarantee you that these are all open standards methods which are used by most blogs and websites today. This should assure that you are in safe hands. When you are submitting a request we might track your IP for the purposes of validating the request to avoid spamming of our sites.

Use of personal information

It is a fact that we sometime ask our users to give their personal information like email, name and websites while commenting on our blog or sending a contact/query request. The email data remains private and only the website address and the name that you share are public. We assure here too that all the data that you submit to us that are not supposed to be shared remain protected by us and in no circumstance can they be shared by a third party. 

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