Boston is home of the one of the most renowned universities in the world- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. This is the place where world’s brightest students and academics come together to create a vibrant atmosphere. There are five other universities in the city which rank in the top 400 universities in the world. This brings the city to the 13th place in the QS Best Student Cities index.

New York

Nicknamed as ‘The Big Apple’ and ‘The City That Never Sleeps,’New York City is on therank on 20thBest Student Cities index. Not only the skyscrapers but the universities too have brilliant infrastructure. The top universities in the New York city include Columbia University, and New York University. Besides, there are nine other universities ranked within the top 800 in the world. In the Best Student Cities index, New York beats Boston by ranks by being on 5th place. It is the best US city for students in the desirability category, offering a high (albeit pricey) quality of life.

San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its proximity to two of the world’s most prestigious universities, Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley. Both these universities are currently ranked joint 3rd and 26th in the world respectively. The San Francisco Bay Area has hundreds of innovative companies. Although the city has a higher tuition fee it is more affordable in terms of living costs than New York.


‘The Windy City’ is the next on the list with its charismatic life and bright education system. Ranked as the 30th best student city in the world this year, Chicago is also home to two of the world’s most honoured universities, the University of Chicago (ranked 10th in the world), and Northwestern University (32nd). Besides, there are two more universities within the global top 500. With these reputable institutions, Chicago earns a strong score for ‘employer activity.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles ranks at 42nd overall and the city is known for more than education. It remains largely defined by the creative industries including music, television, and film. There are some prestigious universities in Los Angeles, including the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) which ranked 27th in the QS World University Rankings 2015/16.

Washington DC

Ranked 45th in the QS Best Student Cities overall, the city ishas various historical landmarks including the White House, Supreme Court and national monuments and memorials. Washington made it to the QS World University Rankings® 2015/16 with its five prestigious universities.


Home of Ivy League member the University of Pennsylvania, the esteemed Drexel University and Temple University, Philadelphia is among the best international study destination. Ranking as the 48th best student city in the index, the city has rich.


Pittsburgh shares 58th place with Atlanta in the QS Best Student Cities this year. It offers a diverse student population, quality of living, and a chance to study at a world-renowned university. Carnegie Mellon University remains the pride of the city.


On the 58th rank is with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). The university has a very high research activity and close ties to the tech industries.


The largest city in the state of Maryland, Baltimore ranked 71st in the Best Student Cities index. It is also known as the ‘Land of Pleasant Living’ and ‘Charm City. Among the best universities in Baltimore is Johns Hopkins University, which held 16th rank in the QS World University Rankings® 2015/16. It is also one of the best medical schools in the world. Besides, there is the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, another reputed institution.

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