In a tensed Wednesday morning, Orange line train was delayed for 20 mins following a bomb scare. It is now being alleged that a Boston man who was dressed like “Anonymous” of Guy Fawkes fame threatened to blow up a train on the Orange line.

This person boarded the train between Downtown crossing and Tufts Medical Center in an “Anonymous” get up and threatened to blow up the train. Co-passengers were actually scared and many of them called 911 for emergency help.

“He was making threats, and people were very uncomfortable,” Transit Police Lt. Richard Sullivan told The Boston Globe. “He made references to blowing up the train.’’

Officers entered the train at Back Bay station to inspect the incident. It was found to be a fake threat from the person. MBTA police even claim they are familiar with the person and he was carrying no physical items that could add weight to the threat. The Orange line was declared safe shortly after he was arrested.

Joseph Johnson, as per Police, is aged 30 and will be produced in court on Thursday on the charges of making false threats and disrupting public transport system.